Bathroom Renovation

Main Considerations for Your Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom is a refuge where you start and end your day. A bathroom renovation will rejuvenate your out-of-date or old bathroom, adding value to your house or simply make it a more pleasant place to be. The cost of bathroom renovations often makes one pause on the process, but it can be managed if you go into it with a plan and the right company with the tradies who can handle the job from start to finish.

A midrange renovation recoups 67.2% of the costs, while an upscale renovation recoups 60.2% on average. This is important to keep in mind, so you don’t overspend and dig yourself into a hole. A good way to start a project is to plan it out in full and hunt for the best fixture and other material prices.

A Breakdown of Elements to Focus on

The 2018 Housing Industry Association (HIA) kitchens and bathroom renovation report found that homeowners spend on average of AU$17,522 on bathroom renovations while a new bathroom remodel costs around AU$16,430. This seems high, but it must be put in the context of value added and whether it is a basic, mid-range or high-end renovation. A full bathroom remodel will cost more than basic bathroom upgrades. You can get by with under AU$5,000 if you do basic upgrades.

    • Fixtures are the most significant expense in most bathroom renovations. You save money here by choosing well-suited budget fixtures and adding a high-end style element like the sink faucet. The best place to spend your budget is on the cabinetry, toilet and bathtub if you include a bathtub. You can cut costs significantly by refurbishing the cabinetry and bathtub instead of replacing them. It is always good to use water-efficient fixtures to protect the environment and reduce your water bill.

    • Plumbing is an area where opening your wallet now will save you a lot of money in maintenance and repairs later on. You need to consider if you want to shift your bathroom around well ahead of time. Moving a toilet to a different wall or swapping a shower out for a tub is a big job that needs to be completed first. Your budget and flow of the space are essential in bathroom reconstruction. You don’t want to move the shower and find out later your neighbour can now see everything.
    • Are you adding elements? Adding a skylight or a new window creates an open, airy feel that most people love, but it will add significant costs to your en suite renovation. It makes sense to add these large elements to main bathrooms like en suite bathrooms and main guest bathrooms, not in a spare bathroom unless you have money to burn.
    • Bathroom technology like heated mirrors and towel racks, along with other elements like a touchscreen mirror to control the lights etc. will markedly enhance your bathroom experience. When fitted with eco timers, they are very energy efficient as well.

Traps to Avoid

There are a few traps to avoid when renovating that will eviscerate your budget and fray your nerves. There are several traps, so we will mention only the big ones.

  • Doing the renovation yourself. If you have some trade experience, you can handle basic tasks like replacing a faucet or retiling a wall, but you will still need a professional for plumbing and waterproofing work, among others. Getting it wrong will cost you more than just hiring a professional tradie from the start.
  • Choosing trend over function. Trends come and go, so choosing a classic style or one that ages well will save money on frequent remodels and make the bathroom a more pleasant place to be for longer.

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