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Blocked drain? Burst pipe? Leaking gas fitting? It is important to know that when you have a serious emergency, you can count on a friendly and qualified plumber at any time of day, especially a plumber who doesn’t charge a call-out fee and only bills for the actual work done. We offer plumber maintenance services in and around Strathfield to all residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Open Things Up with a Blocked Drain Plumber

A blocked drain is one of the nastier plumbing problems that occur regularly, especially when someone comes into the habit of flushing anything down the toilet or pouring cooking oil down the kitchen sink. The first sign is a decreased flow rate and can sometimes be cleared with a home remedy, but often the problem is only noticed once the sewage blockage causes a rather smelly mess when the BBQ is about to start. Time to call the plumber, fast!

  • Unclogging blocked drains is a job best done by a plumber because incorrect usage of the standard tools and methods can seriously damage the pipes. It is always important to remember that most outflow pipes are not meant to be pressurised, but rather let gravity do the work of transporting the unwanted water and solids away to the sewerage tanks and further onward.
  • The first attack on the obstruction is most often with the trusty drain snake. This tool must always be of the highest quality, as it is easy to damage pipes with lesser snakes. The spirally head must also be of the correct size for the pipes and the connection fittings, otherwise it might itself become stuck and thereby causing a larger problem than the initial clog in the drain. Manipulating the snake down the drain requires careful skill because the twisting action necessary for its operation can cause the spiral head to act as a wound-up spring and lash back at the operator, often resulting in serious facial injury.
  • A partial obstruction, or after success with the snake, is best cleared using jet blasting with water. This is done with a hose fitted with a special nozzle that projects the water in a solid stream in a cone shape to clean the pipe. As mentioned, outflow pipes are not designed for pressure, so the plumber uses specific equipment to regulate the water pressure of the jets and prevent the build-up of excessive pressure within the pipes. Scheduled maintenance cleaning with the water jet is recommended if you regularly experience clogged pipes.

A Quick Look at More Plumbing Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial clients are not limited to the unblocking of drains and installing new plumbing. We also offer a long list of emergency services any time of the day and week, including:

  • Water heater repair and installation. Water heaters tend to always break over the weekend, either causing a messy lake of water or continuously tripping the electricity. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and either effect repairs or replace the heater with a new unit.
  • Water piping repair and installation. A burst water pipe is always a disaster, especially when you are not at home when it happens. We will quickly repair the offending pipe, but we can also trace and fix small leaks well before they cause a swamped kitchen.
  • Repair, replace and install plumbing fixtures. Taps are mechanical devices and thus experience wear and tear. Over time, this ultimately causes breakages, especially when there is an “over-tightener” in the house. Most fixtures are standardised and easily replaceable with new ones from the shop, but it also requires special tools and skills to install without gouging the beautiful chrome plating.
  • Boiler repair and installation. These are in nature similar to your regular water heater, and as such we will gladly come and spend our Saturday evening getting your boiler up and running again. Or installing a new one.

About Hydroservices Plumbing in Sydney

We offer extensive plumbing services to residents and businesses in Strathfield and the surrounding southern suburbs of Sydney, ranging from new installations to emergency repairs. We are also available for consulting work when you are planning to modify and expand your home or factory.

We have been trade qualified plumbers and gasfitters since 2011 and have been in possession of a plumbing contractor’s licence since 2017. This means our workmanship is fully guaranteed, and clients are protected by the mandatory liability insurance.

Contact us for all your plumbing and maintenance requirements in Strathfield. We’ll unblock a drain or mend a broken pipe in a flash any time of the day, so put our number against the fridge right now. Lastly, we recommend that you note the location of your water shut-off valve and maintain easy accessibility to it.